10 Real Reasons I'm #RockingMotherhood

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The #RockingMotherhood tag has been making its way around the blog-sphere for several months.  The concept at its route is celebrating each other as mothers.  Sharing 10 ways in which you are rocking motherhood to counteract the constant judgment and criticism mothers face in todays world.  While I love the idea behind this tag I’ve always found it easy throughout my motherhood journey to celebrate the small wins.  I’m the first to applaud and celebrate time spent together as a family, or nightly story time before bed.  I don’t struggle to acknowledge my successes and I don’t think society does either.  Its 2017, I celebrate those moments plastered all over social media, and am rewarded by likes and comments from others encouraging my success.  What I don’t celebrate are those moments deep in the trenches of motherhood, those moments you are just surviving.  

But I think these are the moments in which we are really #RockingMotherhood the most.  Mothers have so much pressure being put on us to be perfect, flawless, to never let anyone see you sweat.  Well I’m calling BULL $H!T, being a mom is hard, and anything but flawless.  Just because I chose it doesn’t make it easy, it makes it worth all the blood sweat and tears I poor into being the best mother I can be.  So, in celebration of those moments, in the trenches of motherhood, I bravely share with you, 10 flaw-some (flawed+awesome) reasons I’m rocking motherhood.  The ways I’m getting through every day with a toddler, and the reality of what #RockingMotherhood looks like for a real mother.


1.  I mix in fruit snacks with my son’s veggies to get him to eat the peas/corn kernels on accident while stuffing his face full of treats.  Are fruit snacks a treat? Yes.  After a long day of fighting with my toddler to eat anything at all, do I feel guilty for tricking him with treats? No.

2.  My husband and I convinced our toddler that his medicine is special candy.  When he first got to teething he happily took his Motrin to alleviate the pain; but when he started to get his molars as a toddler it was a different story.  The throw down, all out tantrums over taking medicine began.  I tried all the peaceful parenting advice on how to stop the tantrums, and my toddler still prevailed.  I’d given up and next thing I knew my husband had him convinced Motrin was candy.  My son now asks for ‘candy medicine’.  I’m not sorry about it.

3.  I always hide during a game of hide and seek because I get a quiet moment to myself to check my Instagram or Facebook while hiding in the closet.  Also, I really enjoy watching my toddler walk right past me, and not see me.  I know you real moms understand this.  I am usually found because I can no longer hold in my laughter.

4.  My two-year-old son has his own iPad, and I do not regret it for one second.  It was worth every penny.  Yes, I was that parent who was freaked out about screen time.  Then I became the parent who actually had a toddler, every day of her life-and quickly realized screen time was a gift.  Want to poop alone? Great, give your toddler a snack and YouTube kids.  Before you know it you’re alone in the bathroom for the first time since before having kids.  I do not feel guilty for wanting to poop without a toddler screaming and crying for a snack the entire time-because of course they become insanely hungry the second you sit down on the toilet. 

5.  I let my son cry in timeout alone in his room until he is ready to come out and talk to me like a big boy.  No I am not ignoring my son’s needs, no he is not hurt or emotionally scarred.  He is two, he’s smarter than most people give him credit for.  Yes, he will play you with his puppy dog eyes and pouty lip.  Not mom!  And yes, each and every time he is left in timeout eventually he decides to come out on his own, and he is usually ready to talk calmly.  Being a toddler mom has taught me my job as a mother is not to jump at the sound of any cry from my son.  You will know when there is something real to be concerned about.

6.  We rarely put batteries in toys that make noise in my house.  I know in your head you are thinking our home must be pretty quiet, but I assure you it is not.  We understand kids make noise, I’m not saying I want a silent home.  I’m saying I’d rather listen to my son’s laughter playing Dino’s with his dad, than the repetitive nonsense of an animated toy.  My son couldn’t care less that his toys don’t make noise-he makes noise for them.

7.  I have eaten candy directly in front of my child and lied to their face that it is either yucky, spicy, or mommy medicine.  If you say you haven’t done this as a mother, you are lying.

8.  My husband and I convinced my son his bedtime is when the whole house goes to bed.  So, when I want him to start winding down I’ll tell him mommy is tired so we need to start getting ready for bedtime-works every time.   

9.  I drink so much coffee my son knows the specific noise of the Keurig and proudly announces ‘mommy’s coffee!’ when he hears it in the morning.  I’m a mom, I’m tired, we’re all tired.  I need a lot of coffee to be less tired.  I’m not ashamed.

10.  I complain about my day to my husband, to my mom, to my friends; to anyone who will listen.  Somehow if you are a mom you are no longer allowed to have a crappy day.  Like if I’ve been given the gift of motherhood, every day from then on out will be perfect because I’m a mom and that’s beautiful?  No.  Some day’s suck, some days are hard, I’m not ashamed to complain about these days.  You can have a bad day and still love being a mother more than anything in the world.


These are not the motherhood moments I have plastered on my Instagram or saved on Pinterest.  But these are some of the moments that make me a real mom.  A mom who is in the trenches of motherhood with her child every day.  Real moms make mistakes, real moms are tired, and overworked, and underappreciated.  We are people too, and we are not perfect.  For every beautifully perfect Pinterest moment-and trust me there are a lot-there’s a moment of frustration or agony.  Raising children isn’t all sunshine and butterflies and any mom who is in the trenches of motherhood knows how difficult it can be just getting through the day sometimes.  There will be tears and there will be smiles, but my advice to you is to celebrate them both.  You are not less of a mother because your son eats an entire pack of cheese hotdogs to himself, every single week-you are #RockingMotherhood because your child isn’t going hungry.  To the mommy in the trenches of motherhood I salute you, and I totally get it.  You are #RockingMotherhood everyday by getting through the day however you best can.  You don’t have to be Pinterest perfect to be #RockingMotherhood, real moms are out there rocking it every day.

Mom on MOM monsters!  Celebrate your real mom moments, even if they are not Pinterest perfect.