DESTINATION REVIEW: KOA Campground (Cripple Creek, CO)

My son will be four this winter, and my husbands been begging to go camping with him practically since birth.  I finally decided this was the year he would not be too scared about sleeping outside in a tent.  So we started making plans for a Father Day camping trip, and quickly found out if you’re a Denver-ite wanting to camp primo places like Estes Park, you better be planning your trip in February.  Which we had not.  After a week or so of attempting to find somewhere to camp I had only come up with one option-that required us to pay for two nights, even tho we could only stay one.  The campsite alone would’ve cost us over $100 for two nights-my husband was less than thrilled at our options.

So, like a true twenty first century mom, I turned to Facebook to see if my friends and family could do better than google.  Which of course, they could! Cripple Creek KOA was recommended several times for ‘toddler friendly’ camping.  I expected a convoluted, fully booked reservation system just like the other websites I’d visited-but was instantly proven wrong.  What I found instead of frustrating National Park websites that don’t make sense, was an easily navigated, well built website.  And even more amazingly the dates I inputted a few weeks out we’re available! 


I haven’t personally been camping since my husband and I first started dating so I wasn’t sold this would be the picture perfect trip my husband had been dreaming of.  But just like with their website, Cripple Creek KOA quickly proved me wrong.  This was the perfect camping setup for newbie campers, or campers with young families.  It was filled with amenities like playgrounds, dog parks, central bathrooms and showers, and super friendly staff.  The campsite itself was tucked away at the base of the mountains in an aspen grove.  It felt secluded but we were just a short walk to the main cabin.  Each site has a picnic table, fire pit, and flattened area of gravel for your tent to sit on.  The views from our site at T4 were amazing, the sunset was breathtaking.


Beyond our small slice of heaven we decided to walk to some of the amenities and found tons of fun stuff for my toddler son.  There was a large train, playhouse, trampoline, tetherball and full playground.  My son got to play while I watched the beautiful sunset and creamed my husband at tetherball-a hidden talent of mine.  It was a wonderful night and made me wish we were staying longer.  Although the less than two hour drive home wasn’t bad at all!  This place is well worth a visit. There is still availability for this summer-if you’re anything like me and didn’t plan your camping trip in February. 




Address: 2576 County Road 81-P.O Box 1689, Cripple Creek, CO, 80813


Phone: 719.689.9125

Open: May 23-October 7

I was NOT compensated for this review.