DESTINATION/SERVICE REVIEW: Little Hands Crafting Company (Greater Denver Area, CO)

Meet the next big thing in Denver crafting, and yes if you’re thinking ‘is that a thing’-it is!  Denver is one of the craftiest cities I know of. You can find creativity and inspiration all over the Denver area and Charlee Davis with Little Hands Crafting Company is just adding to that.  She is growing her crafting nation and let me tell you mommas, you want to be a part of it! 


Little Hands Crafting Company offers everything from craft kits $8-$17 to personalized craft parties $100-$160.  Charle Davis, a local Denver mom is the head of this crafty operation and she shines like the star she is.  I host craft parties of my own regularly so I have to say, my expectations for this were high.  Davis was flexible and helpful when working together to choose a date and theme for my craft party.  We settled on a Flying Dragon craft party and she went to work.  I had originally told her 5 toddlers and ended up with 9 crafters.  Little Hands Crafting Company adjusted without skipping a beat and accommodated all my guests. 

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Davis showed up promptly 15min before my party was scheduled to begin.  When discussing that time frame made me nervous-but she quickly found the best place to set up and got to work.  Her entire setup was housed in a small roller case and didn’t disturb my home in any way.  Since it was a beautiful summer day we chose my patio as the craft station.  She set up a board with rules, a craft station with needed supplies for each child, and she even let my son help her dispense glue.  The cherry on top was the display of the finished craft she had for reference-the set up was darling and she really understood exactly what the kids would need without much excess.

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When all our kiddos arrived Davis corralled them all together to start the craft with a related book.  My son was so excited and interactive, it was the perfect start for the children to get excited about the craft.  Dragons Love Tacos was the book that Davis brought and it was a hit with all the kids.  She let them interact and talk, asking questions as she read.  You can tell Davis is extremely skilled at handling children of any age.  She gracefully made it through the book with 9 toddlers itching to get their hands on their own dragon.  By the end they were all racing to their craft stations to begin. 

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The Flying Dragon Craft was passed out in individual bags with everything each child needed inside.  It was quick, efficient, and there were even several colors so the children had fun picking the colors they wanted.  Little Hands Crafting Company provided laminated steps for the adults so that we could catch up if our child fell behind.  However Davis did not rush through the instructions and was patient waiting for each toddler to complete the steps.   We had a snack/ glue-drying break 1/2 way through and regathered to decorate our dragons.  Every child was provided with decorations like stickers, sequins, and glitter pens to customize their dragon. 

Overall, the craft was a hit with every child.  Each kid was so proud of the dragon they created!  The even was so fun for everyone kids and moms alike.  Little Hands Crafting Company set up and cleaned up quicker than I even noticed anything being done.  Davis was quick, gracious, patient, and professional.  These craft parties would make an amazing birthday party or play date.  Pricing is more than reasonable considering all the work Davis  is putting into each craft.  The craft kits are an even more inexpensive was to craft with your children.  Little Hands Crafting Company can bring crafting and creating into your home!


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Address: anywhere! You’re home, public library, birthday party room, etc.


Phone: 253.318.8815

Services: Craft Kits, Parties & Events, Workshops (coming soon)