PRODUCT REVIEW: Beautifully Interrupted Book

I am someone who has fallen in and out of love with reading books over the years.  There were times in my adolescents I remember hating reading-a stark contrast to the childhood memory I have of riding a bus through London for the first time, nose buried deep in a book about little doll people come alive. When I love a book, I love it hard.  If a book doesn’t peak my interest it will likely get lost in the shuffle of my busy life-but if it catches my interest I have a hard time putting it down.  Beautifully Interrupted by Teresa Swanstrom Anderson was exactly that, impossible to put down.  I was reading it cooking, cleaning, any moments I could steal away to crack this book open.  I think I read it cover to cover in less than a week.  Which is fast when your reading one paragraph at a time between satisfying a demanding toddler and keeping a household running.


This book feels like a coffee date with your girlfriend, a friend whose story you’re eager to learn, a friend who relentlessly loves Jesus, and actively pursues happiness.  The pages of Beautifully Interrupted are packed full of story after story of Gods good, and ever-changing plans for us.  This book read like a conversation, which made it easy to identify with.  It felt vulnerable and full of love; love for god, for life, and for family.  Reading this inspired me to read more, pray more, and love more.  Teresa candidly discusses her reading habits and how books she loves are marked up with ‘yes!’ and ‘love this’, I can relate to that.  And the pages of my Beautifully Interrupted copy are scattered with underlined sentences, expressive words, hearts and stars.  There was hardly a page I didn’t mark, and each chapter was better than the last.  My notes on every page are just one element that make this book feel like a conversation with a close friend.

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Her vulnerable story of a life beautifully interrupted will remind you of Gods plan and His love for you.  With the last few years being a struggle to keep my faith facing prolonged infertility struggles this book spoke straight to my fragile momma heart.  If you are in a motherhood low or high this book will speak to your soul.  Teresa is beyond vulnerable sharing her own valleys and mountain tops in a uniquely blended family.  Reading about her struggles and how they steered her to happiness is a wonderful reminder to trust in His plan, even when you aren’t sure He’s there with you.  To hear more from Teresa Swanstrom Anderson visit her various social sites and to see what her and her family are up to.