PRODUCT REVIEW: Wanderwild Backpack

There is nothing more I love than being able to give another local momma a stellar review and you guys-this company deserves it!! I am one of those people who loves backpacks.  I have 6 of my own in my home, that I can think of, right now.  This backpack obsession of course extends into kids backpacks-cause they are the cutest.  So my son has had tons of backpacks from tons of brands.  All adorable, not all so reliable or durable. If you are a backpack fiend like me you know quality is usually very pricey; and patterns that stand the test of time are hard to find. 


Growing up I remember that backpack I had for years in elementary, with the bold print and my initials embroidered on the outside.  It came with me to school, on vacations, to sleepovers-everywhere.  I know they were pricey bags $80+ but I remember they were sturdy, designed with kids in mind, plus you had a million patterns to choose from.  Wanderwild backpacks are this memory all over again.  Opening my sons Dino Dig, Explorerer Pack was a blast from the past.  Just like when I was a kid I sat with my son and helped him pick a pattern and design.  He asked for his backpack every day after we placed our order and we were both thrilled to get the bag quicker than I ever expected.

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This bag has all the bells and whistles yet is lightweight and comfortable for children, and parents, of all sizes.  This is THE ONLY backpack of my sons that we somehow both wear comfortably.  It’s adorably child sized yet fits everything I need and more.  The fabric is high quality and made for ware and tear.  Beyond being adorable the patterns are well thought out to camouflage dirt or other things that might dirty your backpack-cause trust me, you’re going to take this thing everywhere!  Ours has been with us a few short weeks and it’s been to the pool, school, museums, farms, and s music festival.  Best thing is, the bag still looks brand new.


Beyond the clear durability and reliability of these bags the features are endless.  So many times I find kids backpacks have straps and buckled in all the wrong places.  My son ends up tripping over a dragging strap, or the handle is too small for an adult to grab.  Wanderwild solves these problem.  They are designed with kids, and adults in mind.  One of my favorite features of the Explorer Pack is the front Velcro pocket.  This pocket easily holds those items you want put away, but easily accessible.  It can fit my wallet, sunglasses, and an emergency snack pack easily with room to spare! This bag would be the perfect durable backpack for school.  It’s got enough room for everything they could need, adorable designs, functional features, and it’s made to last!

I’m thrilled to be able to support a local company that has so many of the same values I hold close.  These backpacks were made with love and your child in mind!  Wanderwild also donates a portion of each backpack price to carefully selected charities.  This company is more than backpacks and is creating community.  Visit to see what they have to offer.


Where you can find Wanderwild:

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