'3 Steps to a swimsuit after baby'


Let’s talk swimsuits moms! It’s August, so we’ve all been rocking them for months now.  Pre-baby you would find me in a skimpy bikini all summer long.  Now, post baby I wouldn’t be caught dead in a bikini-but that doesn’t stop me from rocking my swimsuit each year! Honestly, having a baby helped me feel LESS self conscious than ever-even though I don’t rock the same bikini I did when I was 18.   I still feel like I’m rocking my bathing suit all summer long.  Here are my 3 steps to rocking your bathing suit after baby, even if you’re still 10lbs heavier than your pre-baby self like I am.


This is either going to sound harsh, or freeing; depending on where you are in your body acceptance journey.  No one is thinking about you and your bathing suit.  I want you to think for a moment how many times you’ve seen a mom playing with her kids at a pool or lake-was the first thing you thought EVER about how she looked in her swimsuit?  No- unless she had on a super cute suit.  Point is, if a person has the time and energy to spend worrying about someone else’s body, in someone else’s swimsuit-they need to reevaluate their priorities.  Your body, is not the problem there.   Stop worrying what other people are thinking, chances are they aren’t thinking about you at all. 


I remember when I was younger I’d spend hours at the gym.  When I threw on a suit I was showing off.  My main focus was to look cute, and get a tan to show off.  Turns out no one was watching then either, but in my mind I was the center of the universe.  Now, when I get in a swimsuit, I’m there to keep my son safe and entertain him.  Even if I wanted to rock my old bikini it would be totally impractical for what I do in the water.  If you’re a mom whose read all those tragic drowning articles that circulate   Facebook all summer long, like me; your attention is laser pointed around water.  You’re too busy making sure your kid doesn’t die to spend one second worrying about what you look like in your suit.  Turns out your thighs touching, or armpit fat, isn’t as important as your child’s safety and wellness. 


Ladies this is important.  It took me years to break down and spend money on a nice suit.  I was, and still am, an avid target swim shopper.  The suits are always cute comfy, cheap, they get the job done.   Right after having my son I decided to splurge on a LOFT suite.  It was cute but not much better than the Target suits so I abandoned my search and settled for suits that I ‘didn’t hate‘.  For years I’ve been wearing these suits.  Then this year, after 3 years of wearing suits that made me feel okay, I bought a suite that made me feel amazing! A feeling I didn’t think was possible with my post baby body.  This suit cost me more than any suit I’ve ever bought, twice as much as my LOFT suits.  I splurged before a big solo vacation with my husband.  I felt super guilty the second I walked out of the store.  I almost returned it-but decided to go home and put it on at nap time to see how it felt.  IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY, it kept my curves without hugging them wrong.  The bust was supportive, it showed off the right areas.  It was a game changer! Go out and invest in a suit that made with support built into it.

For me body acceptance is something that flows back and forth, like anyone I think.  Some days you feel confident and sexy, then others you feel low and gross.  It’s normal.  I hope these steps help you rock your swimsuit this summer.  Because YOU are beautiful mama!