'Being skinny is the last thing on my mind'


As a mother I am faced with tons of expectations and pressures from society.  Punish your kid-don’t punish your kid.  Restrict sugar-allow candy.  Breastfeed-bottle-feed.  The contradictions and expectations can be exhausting and endless.  After seeing one too many posts on ‘how to get your pre-baby body back’ I feel like it’s time to say what we are all feeling.  I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT BEING SKINNY! Sorry for my language-but I’m so sick of feeling the pressure of this.  Our bodies are beautiful and have done more for us as mothers than I ever thought possible.  

So no, I will not drink your weight loss shake, I will not bind my waist with a waist trainer, and I sure as hell will not count my calories-all so I can be skinny enough to satisfy an unrealistic and unneeded pressure of society.  Turns out my body shape isn’t something my son cares about in the slightest.  I’m a great mom despite my lumps and rolls, and on top of that, I AM BEAUTIFUL.  My husband hasn’t once complained about my post baby body.  Being skinny is not the only indicator of beauty even though that’s what we are told by society.  Being skinny is the last thing on my mind as a mother.

Throughout my life I’ve been all over the spectrum with my weight.  I struggled in high school like any teenage girl to find body acceptance.  I turned to drastic and dangerous measures and at 5’8 I weighed 94lbs at my lowest.  I was the kind of scary skinny you see walking the runways-and I didn’t feel half as beautiful as I do now, almost twice that weight.  Skinny doesn’t mean beautiful-it doesn’t even always mean healthy! I’m not saying it ok to be unhealthily overweight, but it’s just as concerning to be unhealthily underweight.  However no one seems to see this in our society, despite people being hospitalized almost daily in the U.S for malnourishment, caused by starving themselves. The expectation to be skinny is the last thing a mother should have on her mind.  Be beautiful in your skin, at a weight that YOU feel beautiful at. 

Imagine a new mother feeling the pressure to be ‘skinny again’.  A mother who needs nourishment more than ever, starving herself because of the pressure she feels to ‘get her body back’.  Even now, as a mother to a toddler I need to eat, I need to be STRONG, not skinny.  My body will never be exactly how it was before having a baby-and neither will my heart!  I’m not saying you shouldn’t take care of yourself, or your body-I’m saying skinny shouldn’t be the goal, or the expectation.  I am worried about being kind, brave, confident-skinny, is the last thing on my mind.  It should be the last thing on yours too beautiful momma.