'Dear grocery delivery service'


Dear free grocery delivery service,

I’ve never felt more understood than I do by you.  No one ever believed me when I told them how difficult it was to shop with my toddle.  No one believed I had no choice but to buy the toy if I want any chance of bringing home any viable food for the family.  But you believed me, you understood, and you solved my mom struggle.  How did you know all I wanted was to shop for groceries from my couch in my pajamas?  How did you know I needed quick delivery?  Because sometimes mom-brain forgets we need milk, like now.  You get me grocery delivery service, and better yet you never judge me for what I put in my cart.  I can depend on you. 

Pamela, Sarah or Jerome never judge that I buy the biggest possible goldfish pack-every, single, week.  They happily shop for my cheese sticks and milk, passing by the toys and treats as if they weren’t there.  A thought so beautiful, I could tear up.  You, delivery service shoppers, complete a task that takes my toddler and I hours-in mere minutes.  Not only are you fast, but you communicate better with me than my husband.   You make me feel informed and in charge, from my couch sipping coffee.  Your automatic updates and easy substitutions make me feel like I’ve got my life together.   I know exactly when you’re coming to my door, giving me plenty of time to kick that pile of dirty laundry around the corner and pretend I’ve been busy-not just cruising Pinterest on my phone.  I can count on you to never linger, never judge-just shop and deliver.  I didn’t know reliability till I met you grocery delivery service.

I don’t know what I ever did without you delivering groceries to my door.  I could throw you a parade with all the money I’ve saved by only buying what we need; and not every crappy plastic toy we pass to keep my toddler docile.  You are everything the people who put candy in the checkout lanes are not.  The sea creatures of the world should thank you for the amount of crappy plastic toys you are preventing from being thrown away, by simply not purchasing them.  You are no nonsense, efficient, and best of all you never judge me for still being in my pajamas at 2pm, or when my three-year-old son runs out in his Spider-Man underwear to greet you.  You, grocery delivery service, are the mom friend I never knew I needed.  If you brought me Starbucks I would marry you today. 

Forever yours, 

A very grateful stay at home mom