'Getting mermaid hair with April Markley'


For anyone whose ever had vibrant hair I don’t need to explain to you it is not for the faint of heart.  It is high maintenance to keep up and a long process to  get there.  Your hair stylist is gonna need to be a pro if you want mermaid hair done right.  Lucky for me I had Denver-ite April Markley to work her magic on me!  This stylist is no stranger to my vibrant visions.  She’s made many of my colorful creations come to life over the years.

There were pink tips somewhere in there I managed not to document.  There’s something magical about having something as whimsical as vivid hair be part of your everyday.  And while purple and ice white were both trendy-there’s no comparison to Markleys most recent creation.  The Mermaid Hair.

I showed up at Carson & Co. Salon in the morning and we got straight to work.  My natural hair color is brunette, so to begin we foiled up and began the bleaching process.  The first step to a long process of dying, washing, drying, and repeating.  If you are starting out blonde you will be able to skip some of this-but as a brunette you come out of the bleaching process a scary orange.  This is where you will second guess your choice to dive into vivid hair. 

download (2).jpg

In the world of vivid hair this is the point of no return, once it was lightened we could put the color on.  With Markleys’ Mermaid Hair creation it was all about the blue.  She used two colors and toners to create the dynamic color I’m now rocking.  Once the colors go on the end is in site-this is always the hardest wait for me. 

But finally....the reveal.


This dye job is nothing short of magical! It instantly reads mermaid and I get compliments every day.  Being a mom I was hesitant to dive into such a unique and outspoken color-but it has been so fun.  Children love it the most!  I’ve heard each kid I encounter talk about what color they want their hair after seeing mine.  If you are considering a new style or drastic update to your hair pay a visit to April Markley at Carson Co Salon.



Website- https://www.aprilmarkleyhair.com

Carson & Co Salon- 720.273.1563

Instagram- @aprilmarkley.hair