'News flash-you shouldnt look like Kate Middleton hours after giving birth'


Why are we all comparing ourselves to Kate Middleton as she walks out after giving birth to meet the masses? Yes she looks amazing, but why does that matter.  I bet if you knew the world was watching as you stepped out of the hospital you’d choose to pull things together a bit more too.  To me the comparison between Middleton and myself shows the difference between being royalty and a normal human being-not the difference between a good mother and a bad.  In what world am I living that regular moms are now bashing themselves for not looking like a freaking princess?!

Ladies and gents this isn’t reality.  These photos circulating around the world aren’t even the reality of Middleton’s postpartum.  This is a staged moment that is used to represent a time in a mother’s life that is much bigger than this picture.  Even tho here all we see is a glowing pulled together Middleton gently cradling her newborn baby-the exact scene that was set for this moment.  This is NOT reality moms.  So unless you are royalty stop comparing yourself to this moment.  Actually, even if you are royalty stop comparing yourself to this picture because this in not postpartum.  This is staged.


I’m not royalty, and I left the hospital looking like I’d just been caught in a tornado-then run over by a truck.  I refused to take a shower in the hospital, despite being there three days.  My son barely slept right off the bat and the exhaustion was dripping off me as I was rolled through those front doors.  A stark contrast to the video of Kate gliding out of the hospital in her kitten heels.  But the thing is, these moments in time are more similar than you think.  Yes, the royal mommy is pulled together but both mommies are beaming.  Those smiles both say, ‘I am a proud mother and I’m taking my family home’.  BOTH mothers are reveling in a moment that isn’t effected by the way you look.  


In almost every comparison photo I’ve seen all the women share one beautiful trait.  They are all glowing with the euphoria of having just had your baby, getting to finally hold this amazing human you’ve made-and take them home.  I looked like a hot mess but I just couldn’t help but smile knowing we were heading home as a family.  That moment may not have been some glamorous press conference but why should it be?  I’m not royalty, I’m going to take full advantage of that.  It’s a luxury to have no one looking at times.  The last thing I wanted to do hours after birth was get dolled up and have my photo taken by thousands of people. 


Come on moms, you think Middleton is thrilled to get all done up and parade around in heels after just giving birth?  I can’t imagine this is her first choice of activities in that moment, but this is a duty of royalty.  A staged moment that needs to be completed before they can go home.  So stop comparing your reality to someone else’s staged photo press conference.  Be grateful you were able to roll home in your pjs and your messy bun without anyone batting an eyelash.  I’m just imagining Kate Middleton reading those comparison posts thinking how she’d kill to leave the hospital a raw mess.  The internet is a dangerous thing when we start to compare our reality to others fantasy.  You shouldn’t look like Middleton in this moment, because this isn’t that same raw moment.

I am not Kate Middleton, I’m not royalty, so I did not look like a refreshed model leaving the hospital after giving birth.  If I’m ever in some alternate world where I’m royalty I’m sure I’d pull it together for the photo op too, so would you!