SERVICE/PRODUCT REVIEW: Morris & Co. Designs (Greater Denver Area, CO)


Since I was a little girl there was something I found so magical about sending and receiving mail.  I was in middle school when email and the Internet came onto the scene and started to push out the art of custom cards and letter writing.  Between email, texting, calling, and social media outlets we all communicate in so many ways day to day-second to second.  In my opinion, this makes receiving mail even more exciting and special than it was when I was a little girl, waiting for a graduation announcement or birthday invite to come in the mail.


I personally love receiving custom mail from my friends and family.  Over the years I have collected and cherished cards sent to me and my family.  Because of the true joy receiving mail brings me I am passionate about sending out custom cards so my mailing list can experience the true gift of getting a custom card in the mail.  I’ve been known to hand paint envelopes and always spend hours hand writing each address.  Which makes for a very long card sending process.  My wedding invites, pregnancy announcement, and baby announcement took me countless hours to design and address.

While I enjoy putting my time and love into something my friends and family will glean joy from; the hand cramps and eraser shavings everywhere I could do without.  With Morris and Company Designs you can give that same beautifully crafted card without all the trouble.   They sent me an example of one of their custom creations and I was blown away.  To start these custom addressed envelopes are so beautiful.  The design is clean and classy calligraphy and the variation in text creates an elevated aesthetic.

Honestly, I’d pay to just have my wedding invite or baby announcement arrive in these beautiful envelopes, but the creative design continued inside.  The sample card I received was a stunning pregnancy announcement.  It was classic and modern all at the same time.  Morris and Company Designs meshed custom photos, unique design, and clear concise text to create a magical moment in my mailbox.  This entire design from the envelope to the card inside felt like an experience-which is exactly what I want my mail to feel like! 


If you are anything like me and want your friends and family to cherish the mail you send them, this is a wonderful company to work with.  They will design you something truly special for your mailing list to enjoy.  Right now they are offering FREE DESIGN consultations! This family is your dream designer and graphic artist all in one.  Visit Morris and Company Designs to find your dream invitation or announcement-if you love their work as much as I do use code mommonster2018 at checkout and get 20% off!!  Make your next invitation or announcement one to remember with Morris and Company Designs. And put me on your mailing list so I can enjoy the wonderful feeling of receiving custom designed mail