'Simple 4 ingredient volcanos'


As a mother, and nanny, I need to be thinking of new fun things to do each week.  It’s something that keeps me motivated to make things new and exciting when raising my own child and watching others.  The only thing is, when you’re outnumbered 3 to 1? the time and effort I spend preparing for the craft needs to be minimal.  These volcano’s are just that, easy to prep, easy to do, and easy to clean up-even with two three year old running around and a one year old on my hip.  This really is one of those activities you can do even if you’re not the crafty mom.


-baking soda                         -vinegar

-water                                 -dish soap

*-washable paint (optional)*

It really is just these four ingredients-I’m willing to bet you’ve already got at least two of them in your home.  You don’t need measurements because this is all about proportions!  Which lets you use any cup/vase you’ve already got laying around as your ‘volcano’, I used some left over cups from my sons birthday party. 

Here’s how we made ours:

STEP 1: baking soda comes first, fill about 1/4 of your vessel with dry baking soda.

STEP 2: cover baking soda in water and mix.  This should have a water consistency not paste.

STEP 3: add in dish soap.  The more you add the foamier it will be.  Don’t add too much or it’ll weigh the foam down.

STEP 4: take mixture outside and bury in rocks to make ‘volcano’.


*add washable paint now for colored lava like above*

STEP 5: quickly pour vinegar to mixture and watch the magic happen!


There is no giant explosion but the foamy ‘lava’ comes pouring out and it was a huge hit.  My son asks to do them weekly now-and I have a hard time saying no since it’s so simple! And if you use washable paint it will wash off in the rain, something I learned after leaving my volcano mess sitting for days-oops!  Luckily that washable paint just disappeared with a little rain.  You can fill the cups up again with roughly the same ratios and just keep making foamy lava till they’ve had their fill.