My Make Studio

Read on to hear about all the services and products offered by this local bakery!

I have been a stay at home mom in the Denver area for almost four years.  Staying home drives me crazy so we are out and about almost every day.  That means I’ve done A TON of kid based activities in the Denver area-and this one stands out as a must visit.  My Make Studio is a delicious and creative treat for all ages found I the University Hills neighborhood.  When I first stumbled upon this locally owned destination I thought it was geared towards older children or adults-but boy was I wrong!

I visited the studio on E Yale Ave with a gaggle of young children, and three outnumbered mommies.  We brought three almost four-year-old’s, an almost two-year-old, and an infant.  It was a hit for all ages, including the mommies!  If you haven’t heard of My Make Studio picture a pottery painting place-but with baked goods and frosting instead of ceramics and paint.  You choose a ‘canvas’ (cupcake, or a variety of cakes), we chose cupcakes for the kids and a 4in cake to decorate together; then you choose from Tye-dye, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Red Velvet flavors.  After you’ve got your ‘canvas’ you are provided with frosting, frosting tips, decorative candies, fondant, hundreds of cookie cutters, and tons of fun molds-all of which are at your full disposal during your visit.  We chose to let the kids go wild with their cupcakes although I will be going back to artfully craft one of the beautiful designs found in their design idea books.  The kids jumped right in and were thrilled to get to decorate their own treats-and yes my child sucked icing right out of the bag-and no one even judged me!


Just entering this studio I knew it was going to be a blast.  The studio is decorated with bright colors and examples of decorated cupcakes, cakes and gingerbread houses everywhere you look.  The walls are lined with ideas, tools, and goodies all for you to enjoy!  We were one of three parties there on the day of our visit and it felt like we had the place to ourselves, the staff is amazingly personable and helpful even when juggling multiple parties at once-they even had a highchair available.  There’s a small counter and cooler up front where you can purchase skillfully decorated cupcakes, cookies, aprons, and wine for moms night out or other adult classes!  We had an amazing time with our children but all three of the mommies are planning on going back for a kid free wine and decorating night.  The basic cupcake/cake decorating we did is just one of many activities this place offers.  I was thrilled to find out they offer classes, summer camps, and party packages.  All of which look more fun than the last!


With the summer camp options, the free studio decorating, and the adult classes complete with wine; this is a must visit for the whole family!  Beyond the cake decorating classes they also offer holiday specials like gingerbread houses.  Three times a year they offer themed gingerbread house classes-Halloween haunted houses, traditional ginger bread houses, and Easter themed houses.  I can’t wait to go back and try these out, my son was very excited to see gingerbread houses outside of the holidays and is still talking about going back to make a haunted house around Halloween.  Some of the classes being offered this month include trendy cake decorating techniques such as Geod Cakes, and Succulent Cakes.  I love that this studio is staying current with their decorating ideas and classes.


Each of the classes looked like a blast and I cant wait till my son is five to try out the childrens camps.  I can think of so many times this place would be a blast to visit-like fathers day which is coming up fast. What daddy wouldn’t love a tasty treat decorated by their littles for Father’s Day?  The taste of the baked goods is just as good as the decor options and I found myself eating pieces of cake all week after visiting.  I could see myself stopping in just to get a cupcake or two for friends.  After you are done with the My Make Studio make sure you take your kids next door to Bible Park to let them play off some of that sugar rush.  We will be back here again for sure, hope to see you there! 

We had so much fun making our creations-can’t wait to see yours once you’ve gone!



Address: 6460 E Yale Ave, Denver, Co, 80222


Phone: 720.334.8001

Hours: Monday-CLOSED

             Tuesday-Thursday 12pm-7pm

             Friday-Sunday 11:30am-8:30pm