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The mission of Mom Monster is to help motherhood feel less lonely.  This space is meant to be supportive and encouraging to mothers of all kinds.  When Mom Monster originally launched in March 2017 on it was a simple collection of original content written by Morgan Steph about motherhood.  In December 2018 the site was moved to and added an entirely new aesthetic.  This site was designed for you!  From the photos, the testimonies, to the new shop this site was built with YOU in mind.  While sales from the shop do directly benefit Mom Monster, I am able use the shop to partner with mothers (and causes) in need and donate portions of the proceeds (please contact Mom Monster if you want to partner together).  All the products in the shop are handmade products made with love by Morgan Steph.  While the shop is a fun place to find a unique toy or print for your home the 'blog' has always been the heart and soul of Mom Monster.  The content published in the 'blog' covers everything from motherhood to womanhood.  you can find local reviews, product reviews, personal pieces, and tips and tricks to motherhood. My main mission is to create a safe, supportive, entertaining place for mothers to come during the moments spent in the trenches of motherhood.  Through Mom Monster I hope to show mothers they are not alone, and the perfect parent does not exist.

Photo by Jason Espinoza Photography

Photo by Jason Espinoza Photography

Motherhood can feel amazingly lonely, even when you are almost never actually alone. Mom Monster wants to change that. Join me on this journey.
— Morgan Steph | Mom Monster

A word from Morgan Steph-Mom monster

Photo by Hillary Kaye Photography

Photo by Hillary Kaye Photography

Growing up I was never that girl you knew would make a great mother.  Non one ever told me how nurturing or motherly I was.  So when I met and married the man of my dreams, them had our first child, all within four years I was the least prepared of all.  When I was pregnant I was so miserable and sick I remember hating every second, and then of course  feeling immense guilt for not loving it.  I was sure I would make a terrible mother as I'd never put any real thought into what kind of a mother I would make before my husband.  Well, the good news is after having my son i realized two things almost immediately: motherhood is a lot more instinctual than i had believed, but more importantly its not this rosy picture of postpartum bliss and raising perfect children we're all taught to believe.  Which is what  brings me to mom monster.  

When motherhood hit me, it hit me like a pound of bricks thrown off a 100 story building.  The shear responsibility and pressure that comes with motherhood was unimaginable to me.  Every second felt like another moment to fail, unlike all those amazing moms I was seeing across my Facebook feed every day.  Lucky for me I had a group of close friends who also had children around the same time and i was reassured that my image of motherhood was not the one that was wrong.  In fact, that Pinterest version of motherhood was the one that was not even close to reality.  In reality motherhood is messy-it's dirty diapers, and spit up, and shoving a half chewed banana your toddler spit out into your purse.  Motherhood is testing-in the first moments when you are all they have and the amount of sleep you get is not okay for human function, in the middle moments when they test you and push the boundaries of life, and in those moments when they are grown and you have to let them go.  

I am not saying that there are not perfect Pinterest parenting moments with kids-there are.  I have had those bubble bath giggles, goodnight story cuddle moments that feel like perfection.  But I've also had those parenting moments that make me want to pull my hair out.  Mom Monster is about them both.  I wanted to recreate the support and understanding I had with my mom friends with every mom out there who just needed a shoulder to cry on, or someone to say 'i get it'.  This space is a community for mothers to come to feel supported, encouraged, and understood.  I am a mother and wife and understand the reality of what that means. 

My hope is that this space will serve as a place to share in this journey.  My family and I are currently based in Parker, Colorado; where I am lucky enough to be able to stay home with my young son.  The blog content will reflect all things motherhood, womanhood, and family.  I write about what I experience as a stay at home mother to a toddler; and our struggles with infertility.  My content is honest and real, and I hope to show other mothers that the perfect Pinterest mom doesn't exist!  We are all just trying our best to raise the best family we can.  Join me on my motherhood journey and share with me the good, the bad, and the toddler.